Fuji X-Pro2 Review | Neocamera

The Fuji X-Pro2 is the follow up to the original Fuji mirrorless. This new model packs a higher-resolution 24 megapixels X-Trans CMOS III sensor with a 1.5X crop-factor and 3:2 aspect-ration in a similar retro-style body which is now weather-sealed. This sensor forgoes an anti-alias filter thanks to its unique color-filter-array which is not prone to Moire artifacts. A revised hybrid shutter allows this mirrorless to offer shutter-speeds from 1/32000s to 30s, plus bulb exposures of up to an hour. It can sustain a full 8 FPS at full-resolution with a deep buffer for 83 JPEG images or 33 RAW files. The new 24 MP sensor offers a wide sensitivity range, covering ISO 200-12800, which is expandable to 100-51200. The X-Pro2 features a hybrid viewfinder which switches between a 2.4 megapixels 0.48″ EVF and a rangefinder-style OVF mode. It also features a rear 3″ LCD with a class-leading 1.6 megapixels of resolution to provide another sharp and precise way of composing and reviewing images or video……..

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