Fuji X-Pro2 Wish List, X-E2 and Thoughts on the X-T1 |
Andrew Newson

It’s been nearly 2 years since the Fuji X-Pro1 was released and I have owned that camera pretty much since it’s launch. As you can see, the camera has a few wear marks due to constant use over that time period. I thought it was time to put down some more thoughts on the system now that Fuji have pushed forward again with some new cameras. These articles that I write from time to time are meant to be useful to people who are contemplating buying in to the X system or maybe looking for some tips. So what qualifies me to write this article? Well firstly I should say I don’t work for Fuji or have any connection to them. I work as a private photography tutor here in the UK, offering a wide range of photographic courses both physical and some online too, like Creative Assignments. Of course I shoot too, I’m very passionate about art photography and spend a lot of time working on my personal projects and also still shoot some commercial work too……

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