Fuji X Series – What’s Not To Like | Robert Boyer

Every time I write something that’s not gushing praise for every item spewed from the mouth of Fuji I get at least one comment or hate mail telling me I’m a bit off the mark. I don’t actually know why this is. Well I do know why this is but cannot truly understand the mentality behind it. Personally I don’t want to know all of the things that the brochure says are wonders to be lusted after rehashed thirty-five ways. I am secure enough that I don’t need my expenditure re-re-re-rationalized by others. Nor do I need anyone’s help in rationalizing my own dumping of money into gear. I would much rather hear peoples nit-picky stuff. What doesn’t work well, what needs re-thought and why. I much rather see and hear the why of it with some context. When I hear about how much better a product is or it’s wonders I want to know and see the „compared to what part“. If you haven’t figured this out I am a bit contrarian. The devil’s advocate on all things. Just my nature. If I hear things over and over and over that I don’t quite understand or have no context or no comparison I have to get to the meat of the matter on my own to make meaning. I really am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. I love my little Fuji X100S. I have probably said that at least five dozen times. If I didn’t it would be in the trash or at least on eBay…….

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