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We like to consider ourselves experts in our chosen fields around here. However, when someone like Zack Arias steps into the room, we all take notice. Zack is widely recognized as one of the top commercial and editorial photographers of our time. His travels have taken him around the world several times over to places such as; India, Dubai, Italy, Hong Kong and Turkey. When not working, he and his wife Meghan have a full house of four boys and we can’t forget to mention their pet, Carl. You’ll meet him below. We’ve gone back and forth with Zack on Twitter a number of times discussing new photography goods and asked him if he’d like to share one of his thorough reviews with our readers. He reviews as we do, with bold honesty. Wanting to know more about the latest release from the Fuji guys, and knowing the X-T1 had already been traveling with Zack, his review dropped with perfect timing………

Source: agentlemansword.com

Fuji X-T1

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