Fuji X100 Rethink 2015 | Robert W. Boyer

Lots of stuff happens when I take time in early January each year to review the mish-mash of things I’ve flagged for future consideration. Distance and perspective go a long way. Last post I ranted a and raved about Fuji quite a bit and technical sufficiency etc. As I reviewed a lot of those flagged items since then some seat of the pants shots made with both my original X100 as well as my replacement X100S came up again and again. First and foremost subjects react differently to the X100 series of cameras. I’ve found the same thing, strike that, a similar thing when using my Nikon Df with tiny manual focus lenses. There is one difference that can be substantial. With the X100 cameras subjects have no idea when I take an image, that’s untrue in many environments with the Df. Sure that’s good in the usual way of candid-ness etc when making pictures on the Q.T. but it’s also a big deal even when the subject is fully aware. I’ve postulated on the why of this factor before. The other big deal which might be secondary but might as well be a bigger factor is how I feel and how I shoot when using one particular camera or another. The ego combined with rationality in all of us suggests that you can and will shoot the same way no matter what camera. All you have to do is do whatever that “way” is with intent. Easy to say — harder to practice, maybe impossible. Sure in some contrived test setup where you put a series of cameras on a tripod and shoot a subject with the intent of getting the same exact picture that’s going to produce almost if not identical shots. I can do that even with people by eliminating variables. That’s far far different than the kinds of circumstances I actually care about when taking pictures where I actually want lots of variables influencing the outcome. Big difference………

Source: photo.rwboyer.com

Fuji X100T

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