Fuji X100 / X100s / X100t Travel Kit | Ian MacDonald

After a few travel photography related discussions over the last week or two I thought it’d be fun to share my Fuji X100s Travel Kit.  While I use the “S”, this would obviously apply to the original Fuji X100, and to the newer X100t also. It is always a tough thing for a photographer to decide what photographic gear to bring on vacation, with the two competing elements being size/weight versus image quality.  For those of us who love our images it is very difficult to compromise our gear choices, but carrying around a backpack full of DSLR gear, lenses, etc can also become VERY tiresome. The picture above (white poster board + window lighting = poor man’s studio!) shows my current travel kit.  I have written extensively about the Fuji X100s, so I won’t recap that here other than to say it is the greatest camera i have ever owned.  Some would argue it’s one Achille’s Heel is the fixed 35mm lens, but I find the opposite to be true in that it forces me to work a scene more for my composition…….

Source: ianmacdonaldphotography.com

Fuji X100T

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