Fuji X100S Review | Marius Masalar

It has been a little over ten months since I became the happy owner of a Fuji X100S. This charming rangefinder-style compact mirrorless remains among the most universally lauded cameras of its generation. Since its release, there has been no shortage of first impression reviews, spec analyses, and pixel-peeping comparisons against cameras within and beyond its class. Instead of adding my voice to that choir, this review falls into the category of experiential reviews, which aren’t quite as numerous. To be clear, photography is not my main source of income, nor even a meaningful one. Photography is my hobby, and I would rather keep it that way than try to force money out of it at the expense of enjoyment. A camera is a difficult thing to review, and only now do I finally feel like I’ve spent enough time using this one to be able to offer my perspective. I won’t waste time telling you what the Fuji X100S looks like—you can see that for yourself at first glance. Instead, I want to talk about my X100S in particular………

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Fuji X100S

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