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Member Neill Soden got his hands on the Fuji X100T. He has a lot of nice family oriented images so I asked him to talk about his images and his opinion on the Fuji x100s vs x100t since he had both. [All images made with the X100t] I want to thank Olivier Duong for allowing me to write for his site once again. It’s always a great feeling when asked by such great collaborations to show off a little of one’s work. I really love taking photos, and continuously do so. I tend to try a little bit of everything, most of it are all ideas and projects I make up as I go. I do tend to stay way from big stuff with lights, props and models. Although I would love to give it a go at some point, it usually comes with some sort of cost that is very hard to recuperate.  Also, my growing philosophy of my photography is to keep the gear need and use low, light and easy to carry around. As I make little to no income from photography, I could say it’s driven a lot by my passion and not  by money. I am assuming this helps to some degree, as there are no pressure to perform, and no one to shoot for but myself. It does not help with gear lust, though. For most events and gatherings or even going out in the streets, I’ve got my X100T on me. Be it a outing to a restaurant or social event at a friend’s home……

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Fuji X100T

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