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The Fuji X100 series of compact cameras has been a very exciting lineup for both advanced hobbyist and pro photographers alike. Serious hobbyists want a no-nonsense camera that delivers great images, offers full manual control, (and raw control!) and is built solidly. Hard-working pros are just tired of lugging their flagship full-frame bodies and lenses around for casual photography, and are looking for a camera that is built solid and doesn’t compromise on image quality. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if this camera also looks, well, less like a TV remote and more like what we envision a classic camera ought to.  The early point-and-shoot digital cameras basically looked like a 90’s Giga Pet / Tamagotchi, i.e., an ugly, mass-produced electronic device. The Fuji X100 series is one of those classic / retro style cameras that bucked such trends, at least according to most of the buzz on the Internet since the first X100-series hit shelves in early 2011. It’s got mechanical dials and wheels.  It’s got an optical viewfinder (rangefinder), yet it also has an EVF.  And it feels solid, well-built, and generally awesome in-hand.  It’s what a compact camera ought to be………

Source: www.slrlounge.com

Fuji X100T

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