Fuji X100T Project – Back to the Sea | Stuart Burrill

Back in March 2015 I went to the Photography Show with the intention of picking up a deal on a Fuji X100T.  I’ve always been a Canon user but there’s always been something enticing about the Fuji X100 and after trying out an X100s for a couple of months, that was it …. my mind was made up.  I wanted ….. no …. I needed the the X100T!  The intention was to have a decent pocketable camera (well coat pockets anyway) with creativity options and of course those wonderful colours that Fuji seem to have with their film simulations.  Errrr …. so it probably seems a little odd that I’ve chosen my first project to be in black and white but hey .. I’d been reading a copy of Black & White Photography magazine and it inspired me to try something different…..

Source: www.stuartburrillphotography.com

Fuji X100T

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