Fuji X100T – small, beautiful camera, takes great images and is
impossible to use | Anurag Yagnik

Ah, what a painful paradox! Fujifilm x100t is a small, beautiful camera that can take great photos but is incredibly frustrating to use. Its user interface is inscrutable and opaque. I feel old and crummy using this camera. The camera fees like an adorable petulant child and I already have one of those and cannot deal with another in my life. Having heard raving reviews of the predecessor X100S  – I pre-ordered the T. I really really wanted to like it, I know the Internet generally loves this camera. However, after using it for almost a year and having taken some decent shots with it (samples below), it is still far from being a „go-to“ camera for me. I’d still pick the old reliable 5dm3 over it any day even though its heft has lately been killing me. Here are some quick notes on what I like and what I don’t. What’s to like…….

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Fuji X100T

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