Fuji X100T vs X100s – 9 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade |
Alik Griffin

In the last few months I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and reviews on the Fuji X100T, and there is this thing they all seem to imply, „The X100T isn’t really worth the upgrade if you already own the X100s.“ I couldn’t really say whether or not I agreed with this since I never owned any Fuji camera since the Fuji X100T. But honestly only a few bloggers have any business talking about Fuji cameras. Zack Arias and Patrick Laroque to name two. Most other blogs should be taken with a grain of salt, including this one. The reason is, Fuji cameras are special, there is something unique these cameras offer to photographers that goes beyond tech specs and sensor sizes. It’s something not quantifiable and can’t be measured by DXOMark and most people don’t understand that. So to get to the bottom of this, I decided to borrow a Fuji X100s and try it out for a week to see how it felt compared to the X100T. Most people have the X100s before trying out the X100T, where as I’ve been using the T and am going back to the S. And wow! The T is a serious upgrade. It’s hard to believe the S is only a year and a half old. Feels more like five years. After using the X100T and trying out the S for awhile, here are a few of the big things that stood out to which I feel make the X100T a great update………

Source: alikgriffin.com

Fuji X100T

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