Fuji XF 27mm a great little guy | Jorge Ledesma

So I finally completed my Fujifilm kit. A few days ago, I scooped up an XF 27mm 2.8 (silver) to pair of with the XE2 and I couldn’t be more delighted. Initially, I had wondered if it would give me the same experience as I had with my previous X100/s and I most say, it does. The XF 27mm transform your Fuji XE2/1/XT1/XPRO1 into an X100/s like experience. Here’s a recent image from a photowalk.
Things I like the XF 27mm

  • diminutive size aka stealth factor
  • sharp as a razor where it needs to be

I can see this lens permanently glued to my XE2 as my daily driver. When I need shallow depth of field or low light, in comes the XF 35mm and for an all around lens then there is the XF 18-55mm………

Source: ledesmaphotography.wordpress.com