Fuji Xpro2 Auto Focus review | Michael Gane

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had the Xpro2 for about a week now and I’m still doing lots of tests around the lanes close to my house here in somerset. Ive been a Fuji fan for about 5 years now and as I’ve mentioned in other blogs, I have owned every Fuji X camera. They all have their quirks and they do take a different style of photographer, not every one will like these cameras. My last perchance was the XT1 after selling my Xpro1, the reason! Well I loved the retro style of the Xpro1 but I did miss the occasional photo, now I know the only person that knew this, was me but isn’t it frustrating when you see a shot opening up in-front of you, fire the shutter only to see later that this mind blowing image was blurred or missed completely! Well, I decided I would pass the Xpro1 on and look to the XT1 and I was very pleased however I missed the retro look of the Xpro1 so I eagerly waited the Xpro2 as I mentioned, I have owned this camera for about a week now…..

Source: www.thefxworks.co.uk