Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography |
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Fujifilm has introduced the X-T1 IR, a version of its flagship mirrorless camera designed specifically for infrared photography. The camera captures light from UV, visible and infrared portions of the spectrum, from approximately 380-1000nm. While Fujifilm cites crime scene investigation and healthcare as applications, there are plenty of ‚regular photographers‘ who will find the X-T1 IR intriguing as well. Everything else is unchanged from the standard X-T1, which means that the camera has a 16MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor, rugged, weather-sealed mag-alloy body, large EVF, tilting LCD, and much more. The Fujifilm X-T1 IR will ship this October for $1699.95…….

Source: www.dpreview.com

Fuji X-T1

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