The free “Camera Remote” application from Fujifilm may not be the fastest or easiest software to use, but it sure can help you get some amazing images. Whether you are in street, wildlife or paparazzi mode, the power of shooting remotely will open up a whole new world of opportunities. I initially had used this with an Android device when I wrote my first article, but as I am putting together this 2nd version I’m using an Apple iPhone 4s. I have tried to get as much info as I can from Fujifilm and will try to do this write up targeting both OS’s. Basically, both the Android and iOS version are more or less identical so this write up should be helpful to both camps. For starters, don’t be intimidated by the length of this article. Also try not to get frustrated with your first couple of attempts. I promise you, once you have done this a few times and get to learn the particularities of your Smartphone or tablet, then connecting both devices will become a piece of cake!……..

Source: www.johncaz.net

Fuji X100T

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