Fujifilm & the ‚Red Label‘ lenses | Dave Kai-Piper

Over the last few years I have had the wonderful opportunity to build up a great relationship with the ‘Green’ team and I am very proud to be an ‘X-Photographer‘. During the time I have been shooting with the Fuji System there have been a number of updates and developments and just as another big firmware update arrives we look at the current line up of lenses to see where we are as the ‘glass’ stands. When the system was first announced , I started shooting with three main lenses, these were the 60mm, 35mm, and the 18mm. All fantastic things and still wonderful items to have, but, in 2015 my Peli case contains a few other slightly more exciting additions. The 60mm, 35mm and 18 all have something in common. They are small, light and built to be simple. Hard wearing and basic could be another way to put it. This is not saying they are not good, on the contrary, these are utterly wonderful lenses, but they are lacking in a few things which Fuji have addressed with the newer generation of lenses such as the 56mm APD…….

Source: ideasandimages.co.uk

Fujinon XF Lenses

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