Fujifilm X-E2s: Noble art | Max Angeloni

The resolution, in broad terms, represents a unit of measure of the hypothetical information that a photographic instrument is capable of acquiring. Indeed, hypothetical and in broad terms because it says nothing regarding the quality, the modality and the options of the acquired information. As I love to say, again and again, there are certain photographic requirements that even 1000MP would probably not suffice. But generally speaking, and for the vast majority of photographic genres, 10MP are enough to obtain a very high image quality level. This is why, when evaluating a photographic instrument, one must take into consideration all aspects and not just the resolution. The Fujifilm X-E2s inherits the main characteristics of the X-E2 and implements all the technology that has been developed in the last years. In the name X-E2s the “s” stands for “second”, that is, second edition. Therefore this is not a completely revolutionized model but rather has a whole series of improvements and implementations that make this modern “telemeter” an even higher performing camera…….

Source: www.riflessifotografici.com