Fujifilm X-Pro 2 & 16-55mm f/2.8 – The Auto Focus King? | Ron Martinsen

While I love a lot of things about this camera, with all of the offerings in Fujifilm’s X-Series line up, I still scratch my head and wonder why this model exists. A big chunk of its cost is related to its hybrid viewfinder which allows a practical electronic viewfinder and an utterly useless rangefinder style optical viewfinder. Yes, if you are a masochists and enjoy seeing the barrel of your lens and your thumb when viewing optically for an image that looks nothing like what you’ll actually capture, then I guess it makes sense for you. However, anyone in their right mind is going to switch to the excellent electronic viewfinder and get an image that actually represents the photo you’ll actually be taking. I felt this way then and 4 years later I still find this style of optical rangefinder viewfinder to be an artifact from photography’s past that should be long forgotten. I see no point in not being able to see through the lens and see what happens when I turn the focus ring or zoom (although this camera does at least have an overlay to help with that)…….

Source: www.ronmartblog.com