Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Field Test: Costa Rica | Lauren Lim

I’ve never shot with a Fujifilm camera before. But when I got the chance to take the brand new flagship model, the X-Pro 2 to Costa Rica for a couple weeks, I said „Sure, why not?“. I wasn’t expecting anything much, but am always up for trying something new. Little did I know, I’d kind of fall in love with the camera, and be really sad to send it back! In fact, it has me seriously thinking about changing up my main camera. Yeah, kind of a big deal. The funny thing is, it also kind of annoyed me. There were things about the camera body that I just couldn’t get used to. Things I really wished were different. So how could a camera with some flaws make me turn my head so?…….

Source: photographyconcentrate.com