Fujifilm X-Pro2 & Acros film simulation | Edwin Goed

Last february i had a wedding in Amsterdam. The ceremony and the dinner took place in restaurant Bak, it was originaly a pop-up restaurant but now the restaurant has a permanent place in Het Veem, an old warehouse at the Oude Houthaven. One hundred years ago it was a storage for coffee, tea and tobacco. On the third floor is the restaurant with open kitchen. On a slightly resilient wood floor between pub furniture scented white walls under a ceiling paneling. The large windows give fantastic views over the western port area. I had the freedom to go where i wanted, even the kitchen was not off limits to me. My primary job was shooting the wedding but my mind wandered often wonder what I could photograph in black and white. I figured it’d be nice to capture some activity in the kitchen with the beautiful film simulation from Fujifilm called Acros. This simulation adds, in my opinion, just something extra for this kind of social documentary photography. This is such a beautiful simulation, it needs very little adjustments to the picture. Unfortunately, i could not give the kitchen as much attention as i wanted, but photographing a top cuisine is fun to do…….

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2 & Acros film simulation. – Edwin Goed Fotografie Fotograaf Zwolle

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