Fujifilm X-Pro2 Design Story: Decisive Usability | Senzo

Digital cameras are notoriously difficult to design and get right. Where do you start? Who is the customer? What features do you include on the camera? There are uncountable ways to approach a camera development and design programme. For example, you can create a spreadsheet listing current and near-future ‚must-have‘ specifications and cross them out one-by-one to please the techno-consumer. Or you can specialise and excel in specific areas—a more difficult proposition altogether. For the X-Pro2, Fujifilm chose the latter simply because of their heritage of crafting cameras for particular needs.If you take a look at Fujifilm’s history of cameras, you get a sense of a company that sees photography not only as a technological endeavour but also an artistic one. For example, I have in the past used two remarkable Fujifilm cameras — the GX680 III and the GA645. The GX680 III is the largest roll-film SLR ever made…….

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Design Story: Decisive Usability | Senzo