Fujifilm X-T1—Fn (Function) Button Configuration | Zachery Jensen

I have seen some discussion on the topic of how to configure the Fn buttons on the new Fujifilm X-T1 camera. It’s a reasonable topic to discuss as there are now numerous configurable buttons, a brand new array of physical controls, and with all of this new capability comes new limitations. There have been concerns voiced about certain functionality left deep in menus while other functions are no longer quickly accessible, making their use “worse” for some photographers. I don’t intend to magically solve everyone’s problem. However, I have given a reasonably large amount of consideration to my Fn button configuration and would like to show it to you and explain the reasons. If we’re both lucky, my method will be ideal for you either in whole or in parts and possibly help you realize a solution to a perceived problem with the new X-T1 interface design……

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