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We applaud Leica’s decision to enter the CSC (Compact System Camera) market, and do so with a well thought out system that has incredible design panache. However, in true Leica fashion it’s not exactly inexpensive – and we question the target audience for this system. It seems to be intended more for casual shooters than „enthusiast“ photographers. Sony has no doubt shaken up the market with their A7/A7R (and recently the A7S) cameras, based on full frame sensors. Unfortunately, the user interface and native lens offerings both leave much to be desired and the cost, while cheaper than Leica, is still not exactly inexpensive. The use of M lenses, especially on the wider end – require additional post-processing with programs like CornerFix. Fujifilm is one of the few companies in this market that truly understands (and listens to) what photographers want with the most mature system of the three – and offers the products at a very hard to beat price. Also, unlike the other two – nearly every review of every component is glowing. From the X-T1 body itself to the prime and zoom lenses. It’s no small wonder that the camera is such a hot item since its launch at the end of January. If you’re in the market for a CSC, M lens alternative or just a fun shooter… You owe it to yourself to give the Fujifilm X-T1 a serious look……..

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