Fujifilm X-T10 | Fuji vs. Fuji

While the X100 and X-Pro1 may have started Fuji’s rise in popularity, their X-T1 has easily been the company’s most compelling camera for those who have been waiting to make the jump to mirrorless. That makes it easy to understand why the X-T1 has been used as the basis for a new, even more compact interchangeable lens body, the X-T10. When my wife and I were still in our DSLR days, we affectionately referred to her D60 as “Baby Nikon.” That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw the X-T10. This is “Baby Fuji” if ever I saw one; the X-T1’s younger sibling. Not quite as strong as its bigger brother, and will lose a race every time, but has learned from the rest of the family and has a few tricks of its own……..
Source: www.fujivsfuji.com

Fujifilm X-T10

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