Fujifilm X-T2 – 10 things I wish were done differently | Richard Simko

When the first rumoured specs of Fujifilm X-T2 became a public knowledge, I knew I am going to get it. I need a second body. I do own X100S but with fixed 23mm focal length it is not as versatile as I would like it to be. Camera with interchangeable lens is the way to go for me. Also, 23mm (35 equivalent) is not my favourite focal length either. 35mm (or nifty-fity in full frame world) is much more preferred as far as myself concerned. I still love the X100S but if X100T successor comes out, I won’t be buying it. Unless I win in lottery. I also skipped X-Pro2 although I was very intrigued by it. X-T2 would is a much better and more versatile camera for what I need. I am slowly getting into more video shooting and X-T2 video capabilities are superior to X-Pro2. No flip screen on X-Pro 2 was also a deal breaker for me. And lastly, I didn’t want to pay extra for optical viewfinder. I hardly ever used it on X100S. It makes no sense to me, it doesn’t fit my shooting style. If there was an X-E3, with flip screen and 4K video, that would be a  whole different story altogether……..

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 – 10 things I wish were done differently — Richard Simko

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Just read through this little wish list of what „should have“ been put in the X-T2. My only question is, how is this a „review“? Sounds more like a spoiled child that didn’t get what he wanted at Christmas.

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