Fujifilm X100s Review | Scott Grant

In April of 2013 while on vacation with my family in Florida, massive camera backpack in tow (admittedly with a 500mm f4 inside) I decided it was time to find a way to diminish the amount of gear i carry to make decent photos. For several evenings I researched different camera brand offerings and one camera truly captivated me.  I had read about it’s predecessor a year or two previous but admittedly gave it little thought, let alone seriously contemplate purchasing one.  Now I could see it’s niche.  If this camera was small and had great image quality I would be happy to leave home the plethora of gear I had been dragging around with me. Upon my return to Newfoundland my search for a Fujifilm X100s began.  My local camera store wasn’t a Fujifilm dealer so my search began elsewhere.  I made a few phone calls.  There seemed to be no stock.  As fast as they were arriving in stores they were being purchased.  It was a promising sign that it was a good camera, but frustrating to someone ready to lay down the coin………

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