Fujifilm x100s Review – Testing Never Really Ends | Jeku Arce

I’ve been holding off on my Fujifilm x100s review for quite some time now. I’ve used it in a multitude of ways that I can think possible. I haven’t done everything yet and am learning from other x100s users on new and exciting ways to exploit its use. (Be sure to check out other great x100s reviews from Zack Arias and David Hobby). Like other x100s users I too felt the need to lighten the weight of my gear. The other thing I wanted to do was change the my experience of photography. I’ve never shot much with film and never developed my own photos, so going back to nostalgia was a not reason for me. However, shooting the style of the old 35mm film days has made me better understand how 35mm film photographers work. To start off this review I need to take you back to my 10 days with the x100. I rented that first generation model for a trip to NYC in July 2012. I explored the streets just with that camera, a couple of memory cards, and a couple of extra batteries. I enjoyed the feel and weight of the camera, but there were things missing. Mainly it was the quickness of the autofocus. Having used both Nikon and Canon DSLR gear my expectation was that this x100 would perform in like manner. I was disappointed……

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