Fujifilm X100T Hands-On | Jiri Ruzek

I wanted deeply explore new X100T and compare it to the older models. But plans are one thing and force majeure is another. There were two issues in this case. Instead of promised ten days of testing I had less than four days for it, then I had to return the camera and it traveled to Poland to be introduced at a press conference. And when I came back home from Fujifilm, I found that I lost one SD card with many photos and videos. I know that the test piece no. 119 may differ from the final product, so I don’t do any judgments and my findings relate only to the piece. I am going to focus primarily on comparison with X100S, because this is what most people are interested in these days. I added the old X100 to comparison mainly because this veteran started the whole successful series of X and for some photographers is still the king. So we’ll see …

Source: www.jiriruzek.net

Fuji X100T

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