Fujifilm X70 field review – „an X-100 for the rest of us“ | Vassilios Zacharitsev

In a past blog post, a long time ago, speaking of a then possible X-M1 successor, I urged Fujifilm to produce “an X-100 for the rest of us”. The X-M1 line was sadly discontinued, but, a bit more than a year later, Fuji gave us a camera very close to what I had in mind. Surprisingly, even making it possibly better than what I envisioned back then. Technical characteristics for the camera are already well known, so I will not expand in this department. The X70 follows the X-100 paradigm, but in a more modern, generalized form, adding some characteristics which are unique to this model. If you have a look at the original post linked above, you’ll see that I suggested using a moderately fast, short range zoom. This was not implemented in the X70, but, first, allow me a comment. If the global camera market was in a better (read: healthy) state, I have no doubt Fuji would release more than one versions of this camera; and one of them would probably feature such a lens. After all, Fuji has a tradition in implementing such a multi-version policy, as can be seen in older (film) camera lines they had…..

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