Fujifilm X70 vs X100T vs RX100 | Cameralabs

Fujifilm’s X70 is a high-end compact which packs the quality and control of the company’s mirrorless cameras into a body that’ll just about squeeze into your pocket. The highlight is of course the X-Trans II sensor, the same 16 Megapixel APS-C sensor found in models like the XT1 and XT10, which coupled with the same image processing unsurprisingly allows the X70 to deliver photos which look a lot like its higher-end siblings. Indeed this may be all the Fuji faithful need to hear: want the XT1’s image quality in your pocket? Buy the X70. Of course unlike the XE and XT series though, the X70 has a fixed lens, so there’s no opportunity to swap it for anything else, although a wide adapter and cropped digital tele-converter options are available. The 28mm f2.8 of the X70 may sound a little less practical than the 35mm f2 of the X100 series, but Fuji fans requested something wider and you know what, it’s actually a lot more useful than you might first think…….

Source: www.cameralabs.com