Fujifilm – Xpro-1 Wedding Photography Michigan USA |
Craig David Butler

The Xpro-1 was has been my go to camera for personal use for some time now. While I have used it at several weddings over this past year I have not made it my main camera until this past weekend on Friday (10/18/2013). In my previous post at a wedding earlier this year I captured some incredible images and processed lightly in photoshop to Black and White. This time was a little different – I knew the capabilities of the camera. It has this amazing ability to capture a wider dynamic range and this being a very sunny day I wanted to see how it would do capturing a  white gown in such a contrasty situation. I also wanted to compare the white balance to my Canon 5DIII captures. My findings and now general assumptions are that the Xpro-1 is able to capture a more natural white balance, low chromatic aberration at low F-stops and the ability to capture a wider dynamic range. I have also found that my thought process during most photos with this camera are a little more planned rather than the spur of the moment capture I am usually doing with the Canon’s. Composition is also a little more accurate as I love the ability to level the camera in the viewfinder…….

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