Fujifilm XT-1 and Motocross | Brian White

I’ve been hibernating away from motorsports for a while now. Like a fat grub I’ve cocooned myself away in a ball of work and doughnuts. I got to emerge today, not as a beautiful butterfly but more one of those gross grey looking moths that are uncomfortably too big to ignore. It’s also really been the first time I’ve given the Fujifilm XT-1 a good run at action. Manuel Goria and I headed out to the rocky Beverley countryside before dawn today to capture some natural terrain motocross. Honestly I’ve been a bit doubtful on the Fujis abilities. I’ve used to X100 and XPro-1 and neither were even close enough to being sports cameras. But that’s not really why you would own one. They are more the jazz record to your drum and bass. The XT-1 however seems to be getting closer, maybe a nice solid breakbeat. It’s still got a lot of quirks, especially coming from a Canon DSLR system. The EVF is a fraction jagged and the shutter lag is still ever present. It’s faster than the old models, but still you have to fire the shutter a little before you are hoping to frame the image. Not much, just a little…….

Source: www.brianwhite.com.au