Fuji’s X-Pro2 | Wally Kilburg

The new Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a pretty darned good little camera. I don’t mean little as in so small that it will fit in a coat pocket but compared to even a smallish DSLR, its pretty compact. I’ve had mine for a few weeks so I thought I might pass along my impressions. This is not a COMPLETE review. It’s not a terribly technical review. It’s just my impressions after using it for a while as compared to the other Fuji’s I own and use. My thoughts obviously stray to how it works as compared to my Nikon’s (D4s, D810 and Df) which are my „work“ cameras. The X-Pro2 is the next gen of the four-year-old X-Pro1, a camera I still have and use. It was my first mirrorless camera experiment. I also have the
X-T1, which is also mirrorless (all Fuji’s are), an X100 and an X100T. They are all different. I happen to think they are all good too. I love the handling, the look and, most importantly, the results the Fuji’s deliver……………….

Source: www.studio46west.com