Gearing Up :: Leica Q | Van Styles

I like most photographers out there have a fascination with new gear. While I know what tools I like I am always open to trying out a new camera. Many people have come to know me for being one who enjoys shooting with Leica cameras and the Q was one I had gotten the most messages in regards to my thoughts about it. I finally got a chance to shoot with it and to share what impression it had on me. For myself the M has been the most enjoyable camera I have used in my 13 years of photography. So when Leica announced their new model  Q a couple of months ago I was definitely curious. A full frame sensor in a compact M inspired body that not only has auto focus,a 28mm 1.7 Summilux lens but macro ability as well definitely got my interest sparked. While the Q is pretty hard to get in the states at the moment (without paying a high premium) I was fortunate enough to get sent one to me from Leica to try out for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t sure what to think of this camera to be honest with a price tag of $4,250.00. A couple of years ago I owned a Sony Rx1R which is a similar concept. While I enjoyed the quality of photos I got from it the Rx1R wasn’t that inspiring of a tool for me. The Q seemed to have a few things going for it such as a built in EVF,touch screen and a zone focusing system. But there would only be one way to find out what the Q could do……


Leica Q

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