Goodbye Leica – Hello Fuji | Luminous Landscape

For many years I have had two camera systems. I use one system (Nikon) for most of my shooting and a second one for traveling light or for when I need to be invisible. Well times have changed. During a recent trip to Ohio, I brought both of my Leica M Type 240’s and realized that while their manufacture is flawless and I admire the workmanship, they were not very light. In addition, as my style of image making has changed, my Leicas have been left behind. To elaborate further, I am a left eye shooter and was fed up with my nose prints on the Leica LCD. In addition, while prime lenses are terrific, I wish there were zooms available to increase the camera’s versatility. There are times where my feet just cannot get me as close as I need to be and a 70-200 zoom would solve my problem, Leica’s offering stops at 135mm. Instead, I have been left to crop the image, which is not satisfying…..


Fuji X-T1

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