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Well-played Leica… well-played. For years now I’ve been wondering why in the world nobody other than Sony had created a full-frame fixed lens camera. Why is the Sony RX1/R the only option out there? Clearly fixed-lens systems sell—just look at the wildly popular Fuji X100 series—and every two minutes another seasoned photographer has to explain why full-frame is not the be-all-end-all to another photo newbie obsessing over a Canon 5D Mk III. And so I’ve been expecting a new full-frame fixed lens system to enter the market for some time… waiting… biding my time… “soon” I thought, then lowered myself back into the water to wait: What I did NOT expect was that the company to come through for me and broaden this market wouldn’t be Fuji or Canon or Nikon (okay, fine, I had zero hope that Canon or Nikon would innovate… but a man can dream) but the storied brand Leica…….

Source: iso.500px.com

Leica Q

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