How much landscape Photoshop is still a fair game? | Dave Kai Piper

For a start, I think I am guilty of the very thing I am mentioning in this post, so, no need to comment about that at the bottom, plus, I also know that nothing I say here is new – but to me it’s becoming more and more prominent in my eyes.  The question is this – Should you be morphing your landscape images into something you prefer over the natural lay of the land ?. I am all for removing the odd sheep or road sign to enhance the story or to clean up the narrative of what you are trying to say but to quite literally move or add mountains – that might be too much.  The other week I was out shooting in the UK, the South Pennines, at a place called High Force in fact. I wanted to try out the new 15 stop filter from Lee Filters.  I found it really difficult to get a long enough exposure to get the water following yet keeping the sky in……..