Ibelux 40mm f/0.85 | Max Angeloni

At the times of film photography the film shortcomings were clearly visible in poor lighting conditions. That’s why ultra bright lenses could be an indispensable tool to get enough light to be able to take the picture you wanted. Lenses such as the Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F/0.7, originally designed for the Apollo space missions and then modified to be used by Stanley Kubrick on Barry LYndon’s candlelight scenes, made the history of photography thanks to its brightness. Talking about photography oriented lenses, Leica’s Noctilux represented a dream for generations of photographers. Talking about reflex lenses, the maximum brightness that you can find is F/1.2. There have been some exceptions, i.e. Canon’s 50mm F/1.0, but the final results were not so exceptional so that Canon itself decided to go back to F/1.2 for the new release of the lens……

Source: www.riflessifotografici.com

Ibelux 40 mm f/0.85

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