Interview – Kevin Mullins | Fokal.fr

Fokal – How did Kevin Mullins become a wedding photographer ? What’s your background ? Self-taught or did you enroll in a school ? Did you have another job before and if so, What triggered the wish to switch to full time photographer ?
I spent most of my “working” life working in Web Design and online marketing.  It wasn’t until around 2007 or so that I got interested in taking photographs for myself (though I always loved looking at documentary images in the press and books). I am totally self-taught.  I did a little bit of second shooting with a kind photographer called Steve Causen way back when, but other than that I’ve been flying by myself.  In a way I think it’s helped as I’m not blinkered by formal methods or rules.  Some would say that’s a bad thing but for more photojournalistic approach I think it has helped. My wife and I moved to “the country” from London and I found myself leaving the house at 5am and returning at 9pm each day.  Something had to change so I thought I’d give wedding photography a go…….

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