Is the M-line in danger of becoming marginalized? | Erwin Puts

The product portfolio of the Leica Company is expanding with the new T-series and the acquisition of the Sinar company. There is a steady flow of new products since Leica has announced the S-line. Most of the new products are positioned in the luxury class. It are products to be seen with (more than to be used) and are promoted with the help of celebrity persons (not necessarily photographers). The days that the Leica company manufactured the rangefinder camera as the ultimate tool for the working photographer have long gone. There is a subtle shift from an engineering company to a luxury company. It is however visible for anyone. Luxury products are recognizable because of five characteristics: quality above quantity; hedonism (more important than functionality); different sensual experiences (see the T-body); esthetics are important; the contribution of the human factor (luxury products are mainly hand-made). These characteristics have long been associated with high-end watches, but are now elements of the Leica brand and marketing…….

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