Just A Few Warm Impressions On Fujifilm X100S | Sebastian Boatca

I do own a Fujifilm X100S mirrorless camera. This is not that typical kind of technical review of a small camera, but a brief description of my attitude towards a camera with attitude. The web is full of such technical stuff – I tell you, there are some excellent reviews out there and I, too, have read them and helped me make a decision, when choosing this X100S. What is it? It is a small and unique mirrorless camera, made by my favorite digital camera producer Fujifilm, with a revolutionary X-Trans APS-C sensor, without the anti-aliasing filter, delivering outstanding images with rich details and great colors in a 16 megapixel resolution. It has a fixed 23mm F2.0 lens, delivering sharp images with great bokeh. It has a built-in flash too, very intelligent and works great when you need a fill light on the go. And with that hybrid viewfinder? It is a camera built for photographers…..

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Fuji X100S

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