Just what is this new organic sensor thing? |
Fujifilm X News & Rumors by MikeS

Ever notice that when the future is mentioned the biggest interest is what lenses are coming next. And, that when the X-Pro 2 did not appear, it has been „naturally“ assumed this must mean a FF or at least an FF X-100 equivalent. While it is pleasant recreation to visualize the next new lens announcement from Fujifilm, at the same time, the idea of a FF camera from Fujifilm has spawned endless debate. There is even some acrimony in a few individuals for the X-Trans sensor being APS-C size in the first place. Frankly, it has occurred to me that these folks may well be „barking up the wrong tree“. (Non-native English users may highlight and wiki as needed). The Fujifilm-Panasonic organic sensor project is continually glossed over in various threads as some tangential new gimmick of little consequence. I suspect this a strategic error of a high order. Furthermore, my feeling is Fujifilm’s „maybe in two to three years“ answer about whether they will have a FF camera is just another example of polite Japanese manners. That just like an earlier answer about FF camera possibilities: It is not to be taken literally. In both cases their answers merely let people hear what they want to hear. What is it they do mean? Probably some coy thought along the lines of, ‚To be to honest about it, we have something different up our sleeve‘. If this is true, that something different is the organic sensor project: Their polite answer merely indicates the sensor project is at least 24 months to completion. After all, saying „no FF camera for at least two to three years“  is not really saying much, now is it?…….

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