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My name is V. Opoku, but usually just V does the trick and I am documentary wedding photographer based in London, UK (for now). I am also a bit of a traveller, you know the type of guy to book a one way ticket somewhere and then figure things out from there – yep, one of those guys. About 20 months ago, I started to use the Fujifilm X-Series for Wedding Photography. It was not an intentional switch from DSLR to Mirrorless because at the time I did not have any gear (my Nikon D700 kit got stolen). Shooting exclusively with the Fujifilm X-Series was just a discovery that worked out well for me. My vision is to build human connections whilst creating a body of work that clients will cherish for years to come. And I feel that my current kit has really helped me bring that vision to life ; In the sense that the smaller and more discreet cameras and lenses helps me to blend in much easier on wedding days……

Source: shotkit.com

Fuji X-Pro1

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