Leica M 240 Review | Craig Fleming

It’s not really a question I needed to ponder over for too long. Leica cameras are the dream machines of many a snapper, young and old, and I’ve never seen a camera get so much attention. Understandably, a lot of people thought I was shooting film. From the front, the M looks – to all intents and purposes – exactly like a rangefinder from my childhood, and possibly many years before that. The look of surprise on everybody’s face when I announced its digital pedigree, whilst spinning it round to show them the back, never failed to make me smile. After the surprise had worn off and I’d explained what it was, most people wanted to hold it. I’ve used many cameras over the years from 10 x 8s, 5 x 4s and Mamiya RB67s right up to the latest Canons, but nothing has ever generated such interest as the Leica. I’ve spoken a number of times about how being a photographer doesn’t mean what it used to – not to me, anyway……

Source: www.photographymonthly.com

Leica M Type 240

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