Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Review | David Farkas

Many in the photographic community have speculated that it was only a matter of time until Leica made a monochrome version of the M (Typ 240), more commonly known as the M240. The original M Monochrom, perhaps now better referred to as the M9 Monochrom, was a huge success for Leica. It reinforced Leica’s reputation for making straightforward, no-frills cameras of exceptional quality for serious photographers, and at the same time, showed that there are still a lot of shooters who want to use such tools. Upon its launch in Berlin in May 2012 at the Das Wesentliche event, skeptics, naysayers and armchair imaging experts immediately questioned the relevancy of a dedicated B&W digital camera when it was, and still is, so easy to convert from a color image in your chosen editing software. But, what they failed to take into account was that with no Bayer color filter array over the sensor, there was no interpolation, nor additional gain for added filtration. This meant that every pixel captured every tone (16,384 shades of gray, to be precise)…….

Source: www.reddotforum.com

Leica M Monochrome

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