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We liked

The Leica M 240 is an inspiring camera to use, from the design of the body to the feel of its controls. With its new sensor and processor it also performs extremely well, and produces images that match the body for quality.

We disliked

Although handling is much improved in the M 240 over previous models, Leica could still make its menu system slicker to use, and improve the action of the exposure compensation button. There’s also a slightly limited ISO range that doesn’t fully include ISO 100 for fast lenses in daylight, or sensitivity settings beyond 6400 for very low light.


The Leica M 240 offers beautiful image quality, with files that are full of detail and flexibility, from a camera that is a pleasure to use. The introduction of modern technology makes all the difference. M9 users might find upgrading to the M 240 a little painful as they won’t have had their current camera for long, but the difference in the new body really does make it a worthwhile move. The higher resolution sensor alone justifies the switch, but all the little extras add up to making the M 240 a completely different experience. Those using the M8 and M8.2 will see the benefits immediately……..

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Leica M-P 240

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