Leica M240 Impressions | Luminous-Landscape

As a Leica M user since the 1960’s I’ve found the birth of a new M to be a cause for celebration. The new M240 in particular, because I was one of a small group who, early in the process, were privy to Leica’s design intentions for the M. I even made a few feature suggestions which ended up in the final product. It was therefore with not a little sadness that due to my being in Mexico this past winter I was unable to be part of the M’s alpha test program. (Getting a prototype M legally through Mexican customs was a process that I had no patience for. Life really is too short for such nonsense). So, all I could do was talk to my friends about it, including Sean Reid of Reidreviews, who was part of the process. But then, when I returned to Toronto in the spring and a promised M review sample still hadn’t shown up, I decided that if the mountain wouldn’t come to me, I would go to it. Sean lives in Vermont, and we decided to meet half way between there and Toronto, in upstate New York. Mark Dubovoy had just purchased his new M a couple of weeks prior, and when he heard about our plans to get together decided to fly up from California and join us. Chris Sanderson our video producer was with me on the drive to Ithaca, and we ended up spending a couple of days filming a field shoot with the Leica M, and we also produced  a wide-ranging round-table discussion about the new M and non-SLR cameras in general. There’s a revolution going on, and we wanted to put our finger on its pulse. This video will appear in an upcoming edition of The Video Journal. Watch for it…..

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