Leica M262 Review (Leica M Typ 262) | Jim Arnold

On November 19 Leica introduced the M Typ 262, the successor the the Leica M-E, which was really an M9 minus the frame line preview lever and USB port. The M262, however, is based on the M240. Leica was also able to hit the $5,000 price point. I’m a proponent of renting big-ticket items to test before buying. Renting a 35/1.4 Canon L lens convinced my I didn’t need or want it. Renting a Leica M-E had the opposite effect. You can read my thoughts on why I use rangefinder camera. Despite the limited high ISO capabilities and dismal 230k dot LCD screen of the M9, the M-E was my first foray into the digital M’s, having used film M’s going back to the 1980’s. It was a fun camera to use and got me into a digital Leica M at an incredibly affordable price compared to an M9 when it was launched. I made more “keeper” images with my M-E in the 2 years I used it than I had with my DSLR in previous years. It was like using a classic film M again……..

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Leica M Type 240

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