Leica Q Review: Quality, simplicity, innovation, competence, sheer delight |
Mike Evans

That the Q is already on backorder throughout the world is no big surprise to anyone who has had more than fleeting acquaintance with it. No other digital Leica, except perhaps the  M, has stirred the juices quite so vigorously as the Q. It isn’t perfect but, for once, Leica is ahead of the game with a camera that even Leica haters are grudgingly accepting as outstanding. Always there will be criticism on price but, even by non-Leica standards, this camera is not overpriced. It is actually comparable in price to the its sole competitor, the Sony RX1 with external viewfinder. As I pointed out earlier in this review, a 28mm Summilux-M lens costs 30% more than the Q. One dealer told me that he is explaining to customers that the camera comes free with the lens. This tongue-in-cheek proposition is not without an element of truth. With the Q, Leica is back at the cutting edge and I can see defectors, who have found solace with Sony or Fuji, returning to the fold. The inclusion of a viewfinder instead of the tack-on devices favoured by previous Leica digitals is an important part of the Q’s appeal and it is a feature that will convince many to part with their money. This camera will be a success; to an extent it already is a success. I feel sure it will lead to further developments in Leica digitals that will sail happily alongside the flagship M. The M is a more solid (and heavier) full-frame camera; it has the best lenses in the world to keep you happy as well as a unique, if quirky, viewing and focusing experience. I believe it will survive as an example of perfection in manual operation. But, for the first time, the Q offers similar image quality and handling together with a more modern approach in a camera that is affordable. Buy a Q. You will not regret it………

Source: macfilos.com

Leica Q

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